Uptown Infinity S/17.5" Black/Copper

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The Breezer Uptown Infinity is the ultimate urban vehicle. Heavy on utility and style, the Uptown Infinity has everything you could possibly need for a coffee shop assault. It includes a headlight, taillight, rear cargo rack, full fenders, chain guard, bell and a kickstand. What's more, the Infinity features a NuVinci N360 drivetrain that will have you begging for any reason to just keep riding.

The NuVinci system offers an infinite number gear shifts. The technology revolves around a continuously variable planetary drivetrain that uses a set of rotating and tilting balls. Your input at the shifters tilts the balls, changing their contact diameters and varies the speed ration of the drivetrain resulting in the "changing of gears". It couldn't be any easier to use. Breezer chose double wall aluminum rims for increased wheel longevity. Ergonomic dual-density grips and a comfort saddle take care of two of three crucial bike contact points with your body.

Recommended for riders 5'3" to 5'6"

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