Brompton H6R Brooks Saddle Racing Green/Black

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Experience the freedom a Brompton folding bike brings you, as you move in and around the city. If you need to get away, just pop your Brompton on a plane, train, or in the car and create your adventure. Thanks to its compact size, the Brompton folding bike is welcomed at most places and venues.

The H6R in Racing Green is quintessentially British, with a nostalgic nod to the delivery of some of the first racing cars developed in the UK. Understated and stylish, moves seamlessly between town and country. Pairs excellently with the Brompton Borough range of bags. The Brompton H6R in Racing Green features a H-type handlebar supporting a more upright riding style. It boasts a full range of 6 gears covering all riding needs, great for hilly areas. Attached mudguards are the perfect option if you live in a rainy region, and the inclusion of a rear rack really maximizes this model's luggage-carrying capacity

To make it even more stylish and complete, there's a Brooks saddle, in hand-crafted brown leather, and Dynamo lighting, which powers the front and rear lights from the hub.

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