9/16" BMX Stolen Thermalite White

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Heavy duty nylon pedals to keep you going on your BMX, MTB, or everyday bike. Large platform ideal for large feet. With lots of colors to choose from, Stolen Thermalite pedals are a great way to personalize your ride.


FEATURES: Unique concave, low profile design molded w/ Thermalite nylon based material.
Recessed end to prevent damage to bearing cover. Looseball bearings.

SPINDLE: Chromoly w/ 6mm Broach and 15mm Wrench flats
MATERIAL: Thermalite™ Proprietary Nylon66 w/ Long Glass Fiber
PINS: 12 In-molded per sid
PLATFORM: L: 106mm, W: 103.6mm, H: 32mm

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