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Child Seats

Additional child seat for your SuperCargo! Complete with a three-point harness, a waterproof soft back and Mini Soft Spot seat cushion, your child will safe & comfy on the ride. Easy to install and durable enough to stand up to your lifestyle. - Compatible with Supercargo CL, Supercargo and Supermarché models. - Requires the Bamboo Box. Included: - Moulded Backrest - Mounting Hardware - Mini Soft Spot - Seat Belt - Compatible with the Bamboo Box only, not compatible with the Open Loader.
Confidently haul your most precious cargo, safely inside the Adjustable Monkey Bars. Parents love this awesome Add-On for all our long tail style cargo bikes because it provides a place for idle hands and peace of mind all at once. Great for kiddos who are old enough for the “big kid” seat on the rear rack, but are easily distracted or take naps on the ride. The Adjustable Monkey Bars are totally compatible with the Yepp Maxi child seat and most of our other Add-Ons. The new adjustable design allows more versatility with your rear rack. With the easy to use snap pin attachment system the bars can come and go as quickly as your cargo changes. This new feature also makes storing your cargo bike in a tight space much easier. - Aluminum - Multiple passenger (Kiddos) - Compatible with one Yepp Maxi child seat and most Yuba Add-Ons - Hardware and soft bar tape included - 2 Year warranty - Compatible with Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry, Boda Boda, Electric Boda Boda, Boda Boda Original, Mundo LUX and Mundo Classic.
The Rear Deck for the Spicy Curry or Boda Boda gives passengers a place to ride along or provides sturdy support for your cargo. Pair with the Bamboo Running Boards for a super stylish look to your cargo bike. - 5 Ply Bamboo - Weather resistant - Cut out for the Yepp Maxi child seat to attach directly to the rear deck - Quick 6 bolt attachment - Only compatible with Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry and the Boda Boda cargo bikes - We choose to use 3-ply Bamboo for some of our accessories because it is a durable and sustainable material. Bamboo requires little water or other resources to mature and grows quickly with Wolverine like healing capabilities. All of our Bamboo products have been tested for hazardous or harmful chemicals in congruence with EU REACH regulations and passed with flying colors. We are fully REACH compliant.
$44.99 - $59.99
Soft Spot is a sturdy, washable, and weatherproof seat cushion for your passengers. Available in two sizes to fit all bike models (Soft Spot and Mini Soft Spot), the Soft Spots offer a comfy backseat ride for all occasions and passengers. Mini Soft Spot dimensions: 31 x 18 x 5 cm (12.2 x 7 x 2 inches) Covers half of the rack on a Kombi, Kombi E5, Spicy Curry AT, Spicy Curry, or a Boda Boda * Covers 1/3 of the rack on a Mundo Lux, or Mundo Electric. * Compatible with the Yepp Maxi EasyFit and the Adjustable Monkey Bars Standard Soft Spot dimensions: 40 x 19 x 5 cm (15.7 x 7.5 x 2 inches) * Covers half of the rear rack on the Mundo Lux and Mundo Electric. * Covers part of the rear rack of the Kombi, Kombi E5, Spicy Curry, Spicy Curry AT, and Boda Boda – we recommend using 2 Mini Soft Spots on these bikes instead. * Compatible with the Yepp Maxi EasyFit and the Adjustable Monkey Bars
Custom Yuba Bracket for attaching Yepp EasyFit child seats to the Mundo V3, V4, or Boda Boda V1 or V2. - Silver - Install on the rack with or without deck - Includes hardware - 2-Year Warranty - Not required for Spicy Curry, Mundo V5, Boda Boda V3
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