Serfas Apollo USB Light Set

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As basic front and rear light combo sets go, the Serfas Apollo CP-R10 represents tremendous value to cyclists who venture out in low light conditions, rainy weather or even in the absolute dark of night. You'll love the way Serfas super bright LED lights brighten your night ride with 15 Lumens of light pumping out through each, all the while providing 240 degree visibility for your riding safety. Each light has a capability of up to 50 hrs runtime in slow flash mode and both come with their own adjustable quick release straps and USB recharge cables.

Box Contents
1 x Serfas Apollo USB Rechargeable Headlight: 15 Lumens
1 x Serfas Apollo USB Rechargeable Tail Light: 15 Lumens
1 x Front Handlebar Mount
1 x Rear Stem Mount
2 x USB charging cables
1 x Instruction Sheet

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