General terms & conditions

Labor policy:

We do not work on bicycles which are unsafe to ride, examples:

  • Non functional brakes (unless we’re making at least one brake functional) (fixed gear bicycles excluded from this limitation).
  • Bent/damaged frame, fork, handlebars or other major component, regardless of material.
  • Tires which are unsafe to ride (unless we’re replacing them).
  • Any other condition which we deem makes the bicycle unsafe to ride.

General/Misc. Policy:

Bicycles left longer than 7 days after repair completion are subject to a $5 per day storage fee. Bicycles left longer than 30 days after repair completion are considered abandoned and become property of Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles or Transport Cycles at Bok and will be donated or sold to cover the cost of repairs/parts. We will make several attempts to contact you before this happens, please ensure we have accurate contact information. If an extenuating circumstance occurs, please contact us as soon as possible.