Tern Luggage Truss G2 (Head Tube Mount)

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Some Tern bikes* have a built in hidden Easter-egg. Pop off the head-badge (gently!) to find two screw holes. Attach a Luggage Truss, and mount cargo conveniently on the front of your frame. With your cargo mounted on the frame instead of the fork, steering is nimble and responsive. By keeping your backpack, groceries and essentials up front, they’re accessible when you need them. Enjoy the smart (and secret) way to carry your gear.

  • Head tube mounted design keeps weight on your frame, instead of your fork, for improved steering stability
  • KLICKfix™ quick-release connector lets you attach and detach bags and baskets at the push of a button
  • Low profile design doesn’t affect bike folded size
  • Integrated lock keeps your bags and baskets secure
  • Compatible with KLICKfix™ bags, racks and baskets
Compatible Bikes:

All Vektron, Verge, Link, Eclipse, Node & Swoop bikes except Verge X18, Link A7, B7.

*Note: Does not work on Eclipse bikes with the Kanga Rack.

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