Xtracycle Edgerunner Hooptie

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Up your kiddo and cargo carrying game with this super handy handrail system. The LT2 Hooptie lets kids and parents feel safe and secure while riding, and will hold up to 1 adult or 3 children when paired with the U-Tubes for feet support. Those looking to carry cargo can use the Hooptie to contain cargo on the deck – i.e. milk crates that can increase carrying capacity – or it can be used as attachment points to hang cargo off of, like bike camping sleeping bags.

The LT2 Hooptie is made of a front and rear metal upright bracket that installs onto your LT2 V-racks (newer Xtracycle models only) or LT1 v.2 FlightDeck (older Xtracycle models), and two removable and adjustable horizontal metal and foam padded hand rails. The hand rails have both an inner hand-rail (covered in a foam padding) and outer protection rail that helps defend your precious cargo’s hands on every ride. The inner rail can easily be removed for carrying larger loads.  With 2 adjustable width settings, the wider setting accommodates Yepp Maxi EasyFit kids seats, and the narrower setting is great for a safe and snug fit without a Yepp kids seat.

Our tried and true Hooptie handrail system is updated this year with a few more features to add even more multifunctional utility to our most popular accessory.

What’s new on this Hooptie?

  • A durable black powder coated finish
  • Super cushy Red foam handrail grips
  • M5 Water Bottle mounts on the front and rear bracket for easy hydration access
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