Xtracycle RFA Cargo Bay Black

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Great for carrying groceries, beach towels, school bags, library books and plenty of other medium-sized items on your RFA Utility. Side cinch buckles on the CargoBay lid allow for the top to be adjusted easily to fit your cargo needs and the top flap allows you to fully close the bag with smaller cargo.

The RFA CargoBay measures 15″ tall x 23″ wide x 6.5″ deep. The depth of the bags are adjustable using the side cinch buckles. There are two interior mesh pockets. One measure 6.5″ tall x 9″ wide. The other pockets measures 6.5″ tall x 13″ wide.

The RFA CargoBay can be used in conjunction with the RFA WheelSkirts and RFA SlingSet. There is no need for WheelSkirts when using CargoBays, since they keep the rear wheel covered. But if your bike already has WheelSkirts, you can simply install these over the skirts with simple modifications. Using the CargoBaysin combination with a RFA SlingSet increasing carrying capacity for more cargo or large and bulky items.

The RFA CargoBay is only compatible with the RFA Utility and not the RFA Sport.

The CargoBay is sold individually. If you want one on each side of your RFA, please order two.

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