Yuba Bicycles Boda Boda V3 ST Green

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"The Boda Boda has attracted a loyal following. It rocks the style and agility of a hip urban bike but adds incredible carrying capacity. Often a rider’s first cargo bike, the Boda Boda helps riders connect with their neighbors and develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their little passengers.

If you like to carry groceries and kids and gym clothes and a guitar and while you’re at it make some room for a friend to jump aboard, the Yuba Mundo is probably your jam.
But if you like the nimble and lively feel of a smaller bike, with a tad less gear along for the ride, we’ve now got the solution for you.

With our newest Boda Boda V3, we’ve found a way to do it all: we've made a cargo bike that's both nimble and solid, without compromising on astonishing carrying capacity.

While keeping the style and pep of the Boda Boda frame, we've added a longer and lower rear rack for stability and even more functionality. With this design, you can now fit a Yepp Maxi seat on the Boda Boda and still have room for an older child to squeeze in right behind you (in a perfect cuddle position!). When the kids get older, pop off the Yepp and there’s plenty of room for them both on the rear deck."  - Yuba

Great for riders 4'9" to 5'10"


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