Yuba Bicycles Mini Soft Spot Weatherproof Black

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Yuba's new and improved Soft Spots offer a comfortable ride, they are easy to install on the rear rack of their long-tail (and compact) bikes and are now waterproof.

This re-design with air-pockets improves comfort and are easy to clean – with a simple wipe-down.

Installation is still just as simple with hook & loop straps.

The Mini Soft Spot: dimensions 12" x 7" x 2"  Pair two Mini Soft Spots to fully cover the whole rear rack of the Spicy Curry or Kombi. Using one Mini Soft Spot will leave space for attaching other cargo items too. See the sizing chart below to find the ideal Soft Spot combination for your Yuba Longtail. Compatible with Yepp Maxi Easyfit or Yepp Nexxt Maxi.

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